Iaminterviewed - Technical Interview Platform

What We Do

Iaminterviewed - Iaminterviewed is Technical Interview Platform that also provides Database of Pre-Rated Candidates. With Iaminterviewed - Companies can save the COST and TIME of recruitments by 70%. IamInterviewed.com provides a unique database of job seekers rated for their Technical Skills. As an employer you can now redefine your hiring and selection process. You no longer need to depend on the high percentage of CVs sourced from different places. It is a painful activity sieving through huge volumes of potential candidates and an email box full of job applications without a feel for the quality, maturity, technical capability of the candidate.

Iaminterviewed.com provides Job seekers a unique opportunity to standout in a crowded world of too many job portals with too many Profiles. Iaminterviewed.com employs highly qualified industry professionals to rate you on your Technical Skills and places you in the hiring pipeline of leading companies. Recruiters in leading companies now have a reason to prioritize you for interview ahead of all those unrated CVs on so many job portals. Get Interviewed. Get Visible

Few Features

  • Technical Interviews
  • Jobseeker Portal
  • Employer Portal with inbuilt CRM
  • Interview Panels